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Ajándékozzon szeretteinek Élménylőtéri részvételt!

Az Élménylőtér különleges szórakozást nyújt minden korosztálynak: közelegjen bármilyen alkalom, erre az ajándékra még évek múlva is csillogó szemmel fog emlékezni a megajándékozott! Ön pedig biztos lehet benne, hogy ilyen élvezetes ajándékot senki mástól nem fog kapni!


„Élménylőtér” Shooting Range

The Range made its debut in Somogyaszaló on December 23 2013 and is open every day of the year to beginners and professional shooters alike, except for December 24. Based on previous experiences, not only are the locals attracted by the opportunity to shoot, but also anyone from guests passing through the county to people residing in holiday resorts south of Lake Balaton. The Range can be reached in less than an hour from Balatonfenyves to Siófok or any other location within the county. (i.e. 24 minutes from Balatonszemes on the 2 by 2 lane Expressway 67, on the so called „Musical Road”). According to our guests the experience here is well worth the joyride. We are very pleased that foreign citizens frequent our range for a spot of active relaxation as well.

Shooting is an active and exciting form of recreation: a great joint program for all members of the family from children to grandparents. It can be an extraordinary gift to celebrate name days, wedding anniversaries or any other family event. An excellent side program to team building, amaze your to-be important business partner(s) or a memorable experience for hen and stag nights. Available individually or up to groups of 60 people strictly by previous appointment.

Weapon types

We provide a civilized and quality environment for those looking to enjoy shooting as a special source of recreation, regardless of them having a gun license or not. Moreover we devised the layout in such a way, where anyone without any prior training or experience should feel accomplished and successful even after the first time In order to facilitate this, our guests can shoot with high-quality, recongnizable and popular weapons (Glock, Desert Eagle, AK 47 Kalashnikov, Dragunov, Mauser, Heckler & Koch, etc.) Our trap machines are automated and remote controlled. Most of our rifles, even the air rifles are equipped with optical sights and are precision instruments. When devising our target variety, the core principle was to give our shooters the ability to find the most appropriate to their current skill level, be it beginner or professional. Based on feedback we are constantly expanding our weapons arsenal as well as designing new or special targets for our guests.

For those hunters who wish to hone their skills further we offer an individually tailored program: simulated exercises for small game on our clay pigeon range, as well as stationary and moving target practice with bullet type weapons. We offer sighting-in services for rifles. Additionally, we prepare would-be hunters for their practical examination

Shooting | Élménylőtér

Our head shooting instructor István Lipcsik has won 4 Hungarian Championship titles in the Olympic Skeet category between 1997 and 2004. In addition he holds several other accolades in other clay shooting disciplines. He also holds 10 Hungarian Championship titles in moving target disciplines between 2015 and 2021. He still defends the highest total score shot in the national competition for 30 shots at 50 meters on a varying-speed target (2021)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I couldn’t even hurt a fly. Why should I go to the shooting range?

Don’t worry, you won’t hurt anyone on the range either. We place great emphasis on the fact that we provide an environment where our guest can get to know how shooting feels within safe condition alongside experienced instructors. Neither people nor animals are at risk.

2. I haven’t had a gun in my hands yet, because I think it’s dangerous!

The gun itself is a sporting tool, the use of which is completely safe if a few simple guidelines are followed, under the supervision of shooting instructors.

3. Actually, I don’t want to shoot, my 10-year-old daughter does. Can you offer her something as well?

Children from the age of 7-8 can shoot effectively either at paper targets or metal animal silhouettes, since our air rifles are equipped with telescopic sights. It’s of no concern if they’ve never used a weapon before, they’ll get used to it in a matter of minutes, shooting done from a supported position, therefore physical condition also is a non-issue.

4. I’d be afraid to fire a gun, what if it hits me?

This is a completely natural concern on the part of those without shooting experience. At first they will be given recoilless weapons, then progressively more powerful ones. When you’ll stop is at your own discretion. In our experience, even beginners are pleasantly disappointed with what they can handle and as the adrenaline levels rise, the most common question they ask is: „Do you have something bigger?”

5. There’s three of us girlfriends and we’ve never held a gun in our hands, but we’d love to try. Will we hit anything at all?

The knowledge to safely handle any weapon can be acquired in a matter of minutes. In our experience the results will speak for themselves, regardless of skill level.

6. They always shoot so well in action movies. Is it really that easy?

We’re not saying it’s easy, but you’ll experience firsthand that, with a little discipline and practice, you could even switch places with the protagonist, at least in terms of shooting skills.

7. Isn’t shooting too boring?

You’ll be able to see for yourself that this ultimately is a varied, multi-faceted activity, seeking newer and never challenges and, non-incidentally, success. At the Range we provide multitude of weapons and target types. We guarantee that our guests will be successful with their weapon of choice, even after the first attempt.

8. I am looking for a family activity. Isn’t shooting just a men’s sport?

The Range is a place where all members of the family can find something appropriate. Small children ages 7 and up shoot amazingly with air rifles, shyer ladies tend to go for small caliber pistols and submachineguns, while men usually want to shoot the biggest and baddest.

9. To this day, I still love westerns, but I’ve never seen a revolver or any movie gun from up close before. Will I be able to, at your range?

Not only will you be able to check them out, you’ll be shooting with them. See for yourself how these weapons didn’t become popular by chance, as they are easy to handle and their firepower is impressive.

10. My vision is not what it used to be, I’m never going to hit anything.

The optics are going to solve that issue for you, you’re going to shoot just as well as anyone with a sharp eyesight.

11. My schedule is quite tight, and if I do have an hour or so to spend, that surely isn’t enough for a sport that requires so much focus.

The Range is just the place for you! Whether you’re looking for a bit of action and thrill and just want to put some lead down range or want to hone your skills through focus and discipline, we’ve got you covered. All in the timeframe you prefer.

12. I haven’t done any sports for quite a while, I won’t be able to handle the strain.

Our weapons have been selected with careful consideration in regard to the differences in talent one may have. No special physical fitness or prior weapon handling experience is required to be successful on the Range.

13. I’m a pretty good shot in an FPS I play. Will I shoot as well with a real gun?

That is not necessarily the case why you might shoot well on our Range, but we take the extra step to impart effective practical knowledge to our shooters. In addition, live fire offers an incomparable experience: to hear the noises a weapon makes, experiencing the energy of recoil, witnessing your shot impacting your target, catching the whiff of gunpowder, hearing the clink of a spent casing hitting the ground. No game reproduces these quite so accurately.

14. I could do so many things in my spare time, why go to the Range?

The experience on the Range cannot be likened to any other sort of usual entertainment. The skills honed here, such as focus and discipline may be to your benefit in other walks of life.

15. What happens when the weather turns bad?

Except for clay target shooting, shooters are housed in a semi-enclosed building where neither the scorching sun, torrential rain nor stormy wind is an excuse to postpone shooting.

16. What are your open hours?

We welcome our guests on any day of the year (including public holidays) strictly by appointment.

17. I’ve been to shooting ranges before, target shooting isn’t particularly fun.

Apart from professional shooters, few really enjoy target shooting. That’s why we set up our shooting range with many different type of targets: tumbling, rotating and fixed metal targets, paper FBI silhouettes in various sizes, all between 5 and 50 meters. More experienced shooters can test their speed with the help of our target turning device, which presents the target for a few seconds and then hides it again. Among all of these, both beginners and professionals will find something challenging to shoot. On our shotgun range, guests can indulge in clay target shooting from Olympic skeet through American trap to simulated game targets.

18. Is it necessary to make an appointment to shoot?

It is imperative to book a timeframe in advance (either via phone or email). On the one hand this makes it impossible that your preferred timeframe collides with others’, on the other hand the instructor has to know which weapons to prepare, since none of us reside on the range constantly. Please keep to the agreed time. If you are going to be late or unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.

19. How should I prepare for shooting?

It is a necessary prerequisite that whomever is going to shoot cannot be under the influence of alcohol or any psychoactive substances. Any further preparation mainly revolves around choosing the appropriate and comfortable clothing according to weather conditions. Since most bullet type weapons (rifles, pistols, submachine guns) are shot from a semi-enclosed building, rain is a non-issue. From fall to spring however, be attentive as to wear sufficiently warm clothing. Below 10 oC always wear warm, thick-soled footwear, an overcoat and a hat at least.