Real firearms, real experiences!

Team building

The cohesion of workmates or spontaneously organized communities is greatly strengthened by shared experiences. We offer these communities the possibility of a really special form of entertainment or even a competition, which will most likely stay a common topic of conversation among the circle of participants and the „outsiders” in a form of a report to acquaintances and friends.


You can choose from our packages on our website or you can put together the bundle that suits your needs the most. Additionally we are happy to provide assistance in putting together a bundle that best suits the group’s composition, number, time and financial constraints if requested.

During the selected course the participants proper receive training so that everyone accomplishes as much as they wish and at the same time acquires the highest level of real shooting skills possible with the allotted weapons and time. Meanwhile, all of this, with the ease of mind that you are under the complete safety and supervision of a trained professional with extensive experience. This type of pastime is best enjoyed in a relaxed and „comfortable” setting.


Since the amount of „success” is numerically well evaluable on an objective basis, according to the client’s criteria, the selected program can be organized in a form of a competition, where the participants vie for the best possible score. This is better suited to a tighter-paced format with a shorter time constraints, which (adjusted to the competition) poses a greater challenge. Evidently the proper conduct (training) and safety measures are guaranteed in its execution.

Furthermore we are happy to oblige should any special requirements arise regarding the implementation until these are within the safety and technical capabilities.

In the event of several weapons being chosen, we can house groups of approximately 60 people with continuous activity. In truth shooting, especially clay target shooting, is extremely fun and spectacular even for the spectator, should headcount go over the previously specified, we recommend arriving in several waves or engaging the non-shooting participants on-sight otherwise.


Based on our practical experience we’re able to predict how long the requested configuration is expected to take.

We provide an invoice for the service taken on which will be billed under „Sport event organization”.

These services are available for groups on weekdays, weekends and holidays alike. Since the range’s capacities are reserved in order of notification, we recommend the sooner you book, even weeks in advance the better we can tailor it to your needs.